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At Throttle Burst™, we're more than just an energy drink company; we're a relentless force of energy innovation. Rooted in a passion for extreme sports, adrenaline, and the open road, we've set out on a mission to reshape the energy drink landscape. Our Lightning Rod™ Liquid Energy Shot, packed into a compact 3-ounce bottle, is a game-changer.

We've harnessed the finest ingredients to craft an energy shot that's healthier, more potent, and longer-lasting than the competition. With dedicated focus, optimal hydration, and unparalleled energy, our Lightning Rod™ is your ally in conquering life's challenges, whether you're hitting the trails, pushing your limits at work, or pursuing your next adventure.

We take pride in its vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and sugar-free formulation. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup here. Plus, our energy source? Pure and natural caffeine. With zero carbs, Lightning Rod™ gives you that clean, guilt-free jolt of energy you need to go the extra mile.

But Throttle Burst™ is more than just a brand; we're a community of adrenaline-seekers, a lifestyle, and a promise of vitality. We're the embodiment of speed, action, and unwavering dedication to quality.


Throttle Burst Energy Lighning Bolt T
Throttle Burst Energy Lighning Bolt T
Throttle Burst Energy Lighning Bolt T
Throttle Burst Energy Lighning Bolt T





At Throttle Burst™, quality isn't just a promise; it's our relentless pursuit. We've crafted every drop of our Lightning Rod™ Energy Shot with precision, using only the finest ingredients. It's a commitment to excellence that's not just about meeting standards but surpassing them. We believe that to fuel success, you deserve the highest quality, and that's exactly what Throttle Burst™ delivers, quality you can feel with every sip.

At Throttle Burst™, we don't just follow the trends; we set them. Our Lightning Rod™ Energy Shot is the embodiment of innovation. We've blended quality ingredients with an adventurous spirit, creating a drink that's both a fuel for your body and a catalyst for your lifestyle. It's not just a product; it's a revolution in clean energy. Throttle Burst™ isn't about following the crowd; it's about leading the way with innovation as our constant driving force.

At Throttle Burst™, we cherish our vibrant community of adventurers, athletes, and all-around go-getters. Our Lightning Rod™ Energy Shot isn't just a product; it's a shared experience. It's a boost for the ones who dare to push their limits and explore the uncharted. Our community is built on camaraderie, shared enthusiasm, and a relentless pursuit of excitement. We're more than a brand; we're like-minded individuals, and our Throttle Burst™ family continues to grow with each exhilarating day.

At Throttle Burst™, authenticity runs deep in our veins. We're not here to offer gimmicks or shortcuts; we believe in delivering real, no-nonsense energy solutions. Our Lightning Rod™ Energy Shot is a product of this authenticity, designed with integrity and a dedication to truth. We don't cut corners with hidden ingredients. When you choose Throttle Burst™, you're selecting an authentic energy shot that's as genuine as your passions. We're not just a brand; we're a pledge to living life without compromise. It's authenticity that defines us, making every moment a high-octane adventure.

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